On The Quality of Leadership — Go For Launch

Though I wrote about this anthology nearly two months back, I can now safely say that Big Finish’s Doctor Who anthology, Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership, is “go for launch.”

The book has been approved by the BBC. The stories pass muster. We authors, like myself, didn’t break the playground toys.

The book’s line-up is as follows:

It goes to press at the end of this month, and should be available from Big Finish and online retailers like WhoNA in May.


This deserves a Woo!

And also, Hoo!

The anthology has each of the first eight Doctors involved. I wrote a story about the sixth Doctor — he being the one played by Colin Baker and of the vibrant red coat — and it’s really quite unusual. Fun, but unusual. 🙂

The book is due out in May.

3 thoughts on “On The Quality of Leadership — Go For Launch

  1. That’s why you’re closing the book out, dude. There is absolutely no way to follow that story of yours.

    One day, I want to know what you were drinking when you came up with that, because it was absolutely brilliant. And I say that as someone who couldn’t stand Colin Baker. 🙂

  2. Terri, I promise you — I was stone-cold sober when I wrote that story.

    And when I submitted it, I really expected Keith to e-mail me back with the obvious question — “Dude, what drugs were you on?”

    No drugs, either.

    I’m not even going to post an excerpt. I know what I would excerpt. But I wouldn’t know how to excerpt it, and have it make any sort of sense.

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