On The Quality of Leadership

Later this year — sometime in late spring or early summer — Big Finish Productions will be releasing a Doctor Who anthology entitled Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership. Edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido, the anthology will feature the following stories:

A Doctor Who story! From me!

The premise of the anthology is that the Doctor travels through time and space, meeting leaders of various stripes. My story features the sixth Doctor — the one of the garish fashion sense and the tendency toward shouting.

Writing the story was… an experience. It’s the Doctor and one of history’s great know-it-alls.

I’ll say this. Aspiring writers out there? Don’t underestimate the power of competition. I said to myself, every time I sat down to write “Spindle” — “I’m going to be in a book with (to pull three names out) Diane Duane and Terri Osborne and Bob Jeschonek. My A-Game isn’t going to be good enough.” That might give someone else pause, but it actually kept me focused. Whatever I came up, other writers would have come up with first, and it pushed me to write the story harder. Think about the writers you’re competing against, and try to write a story that’s better.

I hope that makes sense. It seems so profound in my head….

For anyone playing at home, previous (and vague) posts about this story are:

Look for it in the spring. In the UK, I believe Big Finish books are available in bookshops. In the US, I would recommend WhoNA for all your specialty Whovian needs.

And of course, Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership will be available direct from Big Finish Productions.

I can’t wait to have the book in my hands. And having read about half the book, I know you readers out there are in for a monster of a treat. 🙂

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