On the Return of House

House is back. Oh, how I’ve missed it. 🙂

I read in this morning’s paper that Hugh Laurie is signed with the series through the 2010-2011 season. So, two more years, through the seventh season.

And now that House is back…

I thought the episode was… okay.

There’s no reason, that I can discern, for keeping Chase and Cameron around. There isn’t.

The plot was a little meandering. But I don’t think anyone watches House for the plot.

The character interpersonals were generally good.

I’m not entirely sure that I buy everything between House and Wilson. Mostly because the final conversation isn’t any great revelation — Wilson has said the exact same thing over the years (particularly the Tritter story arc from the third season).

I don’t care for House’s new haircut.

Something I noticed, about the way some scenes are shot. Hugh Laurie isn’t always limping. He’s shot to look like he’s limping, but the shot composition is cheated so that Laurie doesn’t have to fake the limp. There were two obvious cheat shots early in the episode. One that’s done with the camera at an angle, and one done from the floor. The end result is that House appears to limp, but it’s an optical illusion. That’s some genius composition. 🙂

I guess the fall season is here again.

Does anyone know when Pushing Daisies comes back? Anyone?

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