On the Sixth Floor View

Seriously, I do not get the weather today.

This morning was rainy.

No, worse than rainy. It was dreary. Sheets of water poured forth from the grey sky and ran down the sidewalks.

The rain had brought out the earthworms. Hundreds of them, all stretched out on the wet sidewalks.

Rain beat against the office windows. A hard rain, and rivulets ran down the windows.

Black clouds rolled in.

But now it’s blue skies.

The streets and the sidewalks, from this vantage point, look dry. The parking lot, however, is not.

Blue skies.

Nearly seventy degree temperatures.

What happened to the dreary day?

What happened to the rain that made me wish I could spend the day beneath the covers?

Isn’t this the joy of spring, though? To see the weather turn on a dime, to go from blustery and dreary to sunny and warm?

Spring. Fresh starts. The blooming of flowers, the flowering of trees. The crack of the bat. The boys of summer take the field.

Spring. I’m ready for it. :cubs:

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One thought on “On the Sixth Floor View

  1. I was literally just thinking the same thing. It was storming, thundering, and raining heavily.

    Now? Beautiful clouds and blue skies. Blue!!!

    I want to be out of here. I think I might have to leave a little early today. 🙂

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