On the Slow Passage of Time

If I had to make an estimate, I’ve spent an hour of my workday in the elevator.

I work on the sixth floor. It’s been a very clear and bright day in Baltimore, albeit a cold one.

I’ve spent my day delivering paperwork to the third floor.

Either I’m given paperwork to take to the third floor, or I’m given paperwork and I deliver reports I generate based on the paperwork, or I’m delivering content I wrote myself for approvals.

It began when I arrived at my desk. I turned on my computer, and picked up the paperwork off my desk and headed downstairs while the ol’ CPU booted up. And then it never seemed to stop.

No matter how you slice it, I’ve spent a lot of time in the elevators today.

So now I’m in-between things. I’m drinking coffee. I’m listening to Ringo Starr’s “Only You.” I’m watching the moon climb in the sky. I’m watching cars drive by several floors below.

The one thing I am not doing? I am not in the elevator.

And chances are, the next time I ride the elevator, I will be leaving the office building for the day. 😉

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