On “The Spindle of Necessity”

It’s out.

The Doctor Who anthology, Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership, is making its way into readers hands as I type this. Some of the authors and readers have had the book for about two weeks; I myself should be getting a copy a little later this week.

I have a story in the book entitled “The Spindle of Necessity,” about the encounter between the sixth Doctor and Plato of Athens.

The book also has brilliant stories from Terri Osborne, Richard White, Diane Duane, and a half dozen others. Like mine, mainly in an historical vein. More specifically, the “celebrity historical” like new series episodes “The Unquiet Dead” or “The Shakespeare Code,” as the Doctor has adventures with leaders past and future.

(Wait! you say. How could I have read them without having the book? The galleys came as a PDF of the entire book; I read the whole thing last November.)

The boook is available directly from Big Finish. Other retailers, like WhoNA, have it in stock as well.

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