On the Start of the New (Hobbit) Year

Happy New Year!

In the Shire, anyway. 🙂

If we were Hobbits, if we lived in the Shire, today would be the first day of the new year, the 2nd of the month of Yule.

Yule is a strange month. It’s only two days long. The first of Yule is the last day of the year. The second of Yule is the first day of the year. And the Hobbits have a winter festival called the Yule Days that lasts from 29 Foreyule (in other words, three days ago) to the 2 Afteryule (which is two days hence and corresponds with our Festivus).

Those Hobbits. They need to lay off the pipeweed, obviously. 😆

So go forth and party. Do festive things. Drink spiced cider and egg nog and eat cookies. And maybe even watch a Lord of the Rings film. It’s the new year, and let me offer my fervent wish that the new year is magnificent. 🙂

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