On the Stomach

Sunday evening my parents and I took my grandmother to her favorite restaurant for dinner, Bullock’s. It’s a family restaurant out near Westminster.

The place has a buffet. The buffet table is a covered wagon. It uses a yellow fluorescent tube. Food looks… well, not like food… under the yellow light.

There’s a model train that runs in the rafters.

Frankly, I’ve never really liked it. Never.

Why? There’s nothing there I really want to eat. Nothing.

I ordered the roast beef platter. It’s generally safe.

Until I woke up Monday morning with the worst damn case of heartburn.

Oh, my stomach was trying to kill me.

And I couldn’t find antacid tablets.

Morning coffee settled my stomach somewhat, but all through yesterday morning I could feel the heartburn returning. On my lunch break I walked to the Eckard’s Drugs and bought a bottle of antacid tablets. I swallowed five or six. Not at all once. In pairs. About half an hour apart. I wasn’t in pain any more.

In the evening, the heartburn came back. More antacid tablets.

It’s now thirty-six hours since Bullock’s. My stomach still hates the Bullock’s dinner.

Blech. More antacid tablets.

Note to self. Avoid Bullock’s in the future. It’s a good rule anyway, but if it’s going to wreck my stomach like this… :/

One thought on “On the Stomach

  1. Whenever my sister visit from down east, her family and my parents, who live here, always have to make at least one trip to a particular Chinese buffet restaurant. I don’t go with them any more, even though we don’t get to see my sister and her family very often, because three times in a row I was physically ill after eating there, and I decided it probably wasn’t coincidental.

    One thing I’m not liking about being in my 40s: lots of heartburn. Things I’ve eaten happily my whole life, like green peppers, now guarantee a bit of suffering if there’s no antacid around, so now there’s always antacid around.

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