On "The Stones of Venice"

I received “Stones of Venice” from WhoNA Wednesday and listened to it yesterday. Overall, I was impressed. It’s not a brilliant story, but it’s a well-done story, with an emphasis on character over plot as what plot there is borders on the insanely obvious.

Some things don’t gibe very well; it’s difficult to imagine this as taking place in the 23rd century as the dialogue indicates, when there’s a decidedly Renaissance cast to whole affair. No, when characters say they can’t imagine other worlds, when the population is cut off from the rest of the world because all the ships have departed (what, no air travel? no transmats?), it’s best to ignore the Doctor’s statement that we’re in Charley’s future.

A fun story. Paul McGann certainly brings a lot of presence to the story, and Charley is working wonders as the companion.

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