On the Sunday Farpoint Schedule

Today looks to be snowy.

The sky has that cast grey look. It’s cold. Ah, but look at that. It should reach fifty today. Rain, then. Not snow.

If once in your life you can heckle a panel at a convention, I recommend it. When a panel moderator waxes philosophic on how Doctor Who has always needed to do a story set on the Titanic because that’s such a natural story and he talks about icebergs, you know you’re in for an hour of frustration and fun. 😆

Sunday’s schedule shapes up as:

10am: Autographing
11am: Moonight — Salon A.
Noon: “Ask the Pros” — Salon A.

The Moonlight panel should be fun. And I don’t know who else might be on it.

“Ask the Pros” I have no idea about.

I may heckle the Torchwood vs. The Sarah Jane Adventures panel at four — it’s run by the same team as Saturday’s Doctor Who panel, and one of the panelists said that he had never seen an episode of SJA.

And then the convention is over.

And come July, Shore Leave! 🙂

2 thoughts on “On the Sunday Farpoint Schedule

  1. It was, indeed.

    By the time four o’clock rolled around, I couldn’t bring myself to suffer through another panel like the previous day’s Doctor Who panel. I went in. I sat down. I realized I was out of water. And I decided I had someplace better I needed to be. Like my car.

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