On the Things Employees Say

“Have you seen the Helen Keller quarter?” asked my employee.

“Yes,” I replied with a shrug. What had this to do with anything?

He said nothing for a few moments. Then, “There’s a Helen Keller quarter?”

A bizarre turn. “She’s on the Alabama quarter.”

“Helen Keller is on a quarter?”

Now thoroughly confused by this turn of conversation, I said, “What are you on about?”

“I thought it was a joke,” said he. “I would ask, ‘Have you seen the Helen Keller quarter.’ Then you would say you hadn’t, then I would reply, ‘That’s okay, Helen Keller hasn’t either.'”

All I could do was bury my head in my hands.

10 thoughts on “On the Things Employees Say

  1. You know, I think perhaps you take things a bit too seriously…
    I thought it was a mildly funny joke.

    Maybe you need to chat with a plush dog some..it’ll retune your head:D

  2. It is mildly funny, Scav, but the whole “Wait, there really is a Helen Keller quarter?” bit was what sapped the joke of its humor. Basically, the joke should have been on me, but it ended up that the joke was on him.

    And yes, I do take things too seriously at times. Any of my staff will tell you that.

    And no, more time with Plush Porthos isn’t the answer. 😉

  3. Well more time with Plush Porthos is always the answer! But I was thinking you could maybe find a fuzzy friend on your side of the country:-)

  4. Oh lord. That’s – um. Even too weird for April Fools’ Day?

    Allyn, I tried both to email you and to register here. Neither worked. I wanted to find out if you had found “Mars Spirit” somewhere for 1.5, or if you tweaked it yourself…. I’d really like to have it….

  5. Missed your comment earlier, and thanks so much for sending the files to me! I’m working on it now. I do enjoy your site, btw – kind of fits my personality….

  6. Allyn, I mailed you a zipped archive of Mars Spirit – the footer never worked (either here or on my install) so I reworked the setup. It’s a vanilla footer right now, you could get some of the other stuff from other themes (I grabbed the relevant info from Wuhan myself).

    In any case, again, thank you very much for sending the files to me!

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