On the Things People Look For

I love the Internet. I love how it can resurrect old things I’ve written, like a reanimated corpse.

There’s seven years worth of my blatherings here. Google knows them all.

Over the weekend, two major hits stood out.

A televised broadcast of Attack of the Clones no doubt prompted the hits on my theory about Anakin’s parentage to go through the roof.

But that was nothing compared to Sunday, where a post of mine on Jim Cauty’s Lord of the Rings poster got a mention on Reddit, sending many readers scurrying my way.

I’m not unfamiliar with these random spikes. The story of William Poole, the Kentucky high school student who was arrested for making terroristic threats against his school for what he said were writings about the zombie apocalypse, surfaces from time to time in the blogosphere, and I’ll suddenly get a flurry of search activity.

(Poole, by the way, did not write about zombies.)

Some things are more stable. Like my interest in LEGO Doctor Who. I expect people to look for that.

It’s those spikes, those reanimated posts, that surprise me. For all I know, tomorrow I’ll see a sudden surge of interest in the underground Dalek porn, Abducted by the Daleks. Why I attempted a serious review of a porn, I’ll never know…

The worst part about going to a convention?

Dealing with the build-up of e-mail afterwards.

If you e-mailed me over the weekend, and you’ve not received a reply, assume I didn’t get it.

The truth is, I probably did, but I couldn’t find the wheat in the chafe. Seeing as I did a bulk delete on some 500 e-mails, that’s not only possible, it’s entirely probable. 🙂

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