On the Tuesday Feeling

I woke this morning…

…and had no idea what day it was.

The idea that today was Tuesday was simple inconceivable to me.

I don’t know what day I thought it was, but Tuesday it was not.

Could it be that I got up with the alarm, rather than hit the Snooze button the two, sometimes three, times that I normally do? So that my mind was still partially asleep?

Could it be that I just didn’t want it to be Tuesday?

There’s nothing wrong with Tuesday. But whatever Tuesday feels like, this morning didn’t feel like it.

Fortunately, my morning, once I started fortifying myself with coffee to face the day, got off to a better start.

First, a story idea struck me on the subway, and I scribbled furiously on a notepad on the subway and then the light rail. Some dialogue. Some scenes. My mind’s still working out the plot, but it’s going to be good.

Then, I got feedback about an article I wrote yesterday at work. Came back thumbs-up, which was a good feeling. I didn’t exactly trust myself with this article; it’s about an author whose work I enjoyed, but the author has recently shown himself to be a batshit insane ideologue, and that has tinged my appreciation rather sharply. I was worried that my disdain would have shown through — and thankfully, it didn’t.

Then, I had a really good cookie out of the vending machine at the office.

I need to stop yawning, though. It’s too early to yawn.

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