On the USS Constellation

For Christmas my partents gave me a LEGO set, the USS Constellation, a recreation of one of the United States Navy’s oldest and most famous wooden ships. For a variety of reasons I hadn’t the opportunity to assemble the set until today.

After working on the set for most of the afternoon, I’m finished, all save the ship’s masts.

The set was released originally in the lates ’70s or early ’80s, but this wasn’t a set my parents bought for me at the time. After a few hours I was glad they hadn’t–the Constellation is both intricate and tedious, and the instructions weren’t clear on several points. Now that the hull and quarterdeck are complete the ship looks deceptively simple to build. However, the very intricacy that makes model so tedious to build makes the model solid, unlike the very fragile Sopwith Camel model I built last year.

Tomorrow evening I’ll tackle the masts.

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  1. I like your new layout theme Allyn, very cool!

    You’d just changed it recently though. Did you not like the last one?

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