On the View at Thursday

Hello? Hello? Is this mic still on?

However did it get to be Thursday? :tired:

Oh, that‘s right. It’s called “work.”

Since I really don’t have anything profound to say at the moment, I would point out that a survey of Doctor Who fans acclaimed “The Caves of Androzani” as the best story of all time. I’m not sure about “Bad Wolf” at number 10, though. That seems odd to me. 😕

The Telegraph ran an article on what an early 1970’s Beatles album might’ve been like. It’s not terrible, by any stretch, but it also doesn’t make much sense to me. I, of course, an inordinately fond of the post-breakup 1970 playlist I created, “Hot As Sun.” 😎

I designed a graphic banner yesterday for a website. No, not this one, though, to be frank, I’m feeling the itch to redesign the site again. No, this graphic is for something else, and I sketched something out on notebook paper yesterday. Over the weekend I’ll see if my graphics skills are up to snuff. 😯

It turns out Guy Garvey is a Star Trek fan. Elbow closed out a concert set last week with the Star Trek theme and an audience hum-along. :spock:

It’s Thursday. I’d best get to it. :cheers:

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