On the Watchmen Trailer

Sweet zombie Jesus.

The Watchmen trailer.

Holy shit. They fucking filmed Watchmen!

ETA: The Smashing Pumpkins kicks the trailer up a notch, because “The Beginning is the End is the Beginning” was the one of the two songs the band wrote for Batman & Robin. Like the “Ozy-nipples” (Ozymandias’ costume shows nipples, as the Batsuit in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin did), the use of the Smashing Pumpkins essentially confirms the rumors that as much as the graphic novel is a deconstruction of the comic book form, the film is a deconstruction of the film adaptations of the comic book form, especially those travesties by Joel Schumacher.

My god, it’s just amazing.

2 thoughts on “On the Watchmen Trailer

  1. I think it leaked out a little early.

    And then the site crashed.


    Just wait.

    It’s going to blow your mind.

    The opening sequence is remarkable. (I won’t say what it is. Spoilers.) Because it looks exactly like the comic.

    Dr. Manhattan striding across the jungles of South Vietnam? Just like the comic.

    That’s the thing. So much of it looks like the comic.

    Just wait. 🙂

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