On the Work Day

Today felt unproductive.

At the end of the day it wasn’t that bad. I actually accomplished a lot. It just felt bad.

Where I worked last week — well, that room had been gutted for a remodel over the weekend. So, it took some time to find a new place to plant the team.

And then the team itself. Well, I was the only one to show up today.

And then there was the problem with getting my new computer configured so I could do the things that needed to be done. That took a while.

So, the morning was a mild wreck, made only slightly more unnerving by the bad case of deja vu I suffered.

I spent the morning redoing some things I’d done last week — though what I’d done was correct, the company wanted it redone with new data. I think it took longer to redo the procedure with the new data than it did to enter the data in the first place.

The afternoon, though, I’d found a rhythm, and things went smoothly.

I drove home a different way this evening. Rather than south and through the tunnel, I went north and through Towson on the Beltway. It’s slightly longer — about a five mile difference — but it took about fifteen minutes less. And no tolls. Always a plus, that.

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