On the Xbox 360

It’s hither, thither, and yon in the news–the sucessor to Microsoft’s Xbox, the Xbox 360, will release this fall.

I pre-ordered mine at work today.

I’m looking at it as a long-term layaway. Six months until the system comes out. Each paycheck, put down another twenty, thirty dollars.

Rock on!

One thought on “On the Xbox 360

  1. Up until, oh, two days ago, I would’ve told you that my fourth-gen console would be Revolution.

    Then I watched the interview with the head of Silicon Knights (makers of Eternal Darkness, among other games).

    Up until now, I’d been assuming that all this “revolutionary gameplay” stuff was hyperbole; but now I’m not so sure. I’ll admit that I’m generally a Nintendo fanboy; however… Nintendo has until the Xbox 360 comes out to convince me that they aren’t going to screw up Revolution, and make it unplayable. I was generally satisfied with the GameCube lineup, both first- and third-party (though I really wish LucasArts hadn’t dropped their support of it), and I love the Nintendo controller designs.

    Still… the direction where Nintendo wants to go, and where I want to go, seem to be mutually incompatible. (Much like them and Silicon Knights.) So, they have until the Xbox 360 comes out to sell me on Revolution instead of Xbox. 😕

    (I’ll admit, that Sony has the same chance: they have until Xbox 360 comes out to completely redesign their controller. I’ll wait a few months for a system if it means getting Square RPGs again, regardless of how tempting Perfect Dark Zero is…. :))

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