On Things Brought to You By the Letter “Y”

Keith had this meme-thing going — ask for a hit, and he’ll give you a letter, to which you then have to name off ten things beginning with that letter. Keith gave me a “Y.” Ten things. Bugger.

Here goes.

  1. Yellow Submarine. God, what a fucking trippy movie that is! 🙂
  2. Yartek, Leader of the Alien Voord. Because, frankly, Doctor Who monsters don’t get any better than guys in all black rubber suits. 😆
  3. Yo-Yos. No, I can’t do fancy tricks, but they are fun to play with.
  4. YoYo Ma. He’s a fine cellist.
  5. Yacko Warner of the Animaniacs.
  6. Yogi Bear. Those cartoons were always cute.
  7. Ys. One of those odd Celtic myths, this one about a city that sank in Brittany due to wickedness.
  8. Yvonne Craig. Batgirl. ‘Nuff said.
  9. Yoshi. Baby dragons are cute.
  10. Yodelling. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I think it sounds fucking cool. 🙂

Not a lot of things that start with the letter “Y.” Sucks.


If you want to play, leave a comment, and I’ll distribute letters. No Ys, promise. 🙂

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