On Things to Write About

So here’s the deal.

Six months ago I put up an “Ask Allyn Anything” post. I’m not exactly repeating that.

Rather than ask me questions like how I take my coffee or the like, give me a topic.

Give me a topic, and I will rant about it. Or write at length. Give you my opinion and insight.

Oh, I don’t promise miracles — there are things I just don’t know about — but it could be entertaining. In an informative sort of way, or in a performance art sort of way.

Leave a comment, or drop me an e-mail if you want to be private.

And someday soon, I’ll be writing on a topic that you decided!

Hmm. Blogging as a reality program. That’s the vibe I’m getting. Hmm.

Or I could just write about “Requiem for a Martian.” I might do that anyway. 😉

And on a different subject, because it wouldn’t be my blog without something political slamming the Bush administration, Bush has announced that the Navy will be defying a judge’s ban on using sonar during Navy exercises. Environmental groups had sued to prevent the Navy from using sonar during exercises — sonar has bad effects on cetacean life — and a judge issued a ruling in the environmental groups’ favor.

The money quote? “The president’s action is an attack on the rule of law. By exempting the Navy from basic safeguards under both federal and state law, the president is flouting the will of Congress, the decision of the California Coastal Commission and a ruling by the federal court.”

*sigh* 369 days left of the maroon.

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