On Things You Don't Want To See

Two weeks ago I was driving to a business meeting in the western part of North Carolina, and along I-40 I thought I saw my boss’s car ahead of me. As I passed him I looked to my right, saw that it was, in fact, my supervisor, and he appeared to asleep at the wheel, hunched over in his seat. I considered calling him on my cell phone, just to make sure that everything was alright, but decided against it. What if he were asleep, and the phone’s ring startled him, causing an accident? Ten miles down the road he passed me, but he was still hunched over the wheel.

When I arrived at the meeting place, after stopping for my daily injection of Starbuck’s, I asked him what was up.

Turns out he was writing his notes for the meeting. That was why he was hunched over the wheel.


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