On Thinking About a Blog Redesign

I am planning a blog redesign.

Longtime readers know that in the past I’ve changed my blog design the way others change their socks. The reasons for changing the layout in the past are many — WordPress makes it easy, a blog redesign makes me feel productive without being productive, sheer boredom.

In this case, it’s more like it’s time. I’ve been with this particular layout since October 3rd. By the time I get the coding done, Brian Gardner’s Core will have been my WordPress theme (first in blue, then in green) for eight months. That’s a veritable eternity in blog terms! 😯

So what am I planning?

Styleshout offers a number of free CSS layouts. I’ve used Styleshout’s layouts before, though not in some time. It’s a nice intellectual puzzle, to take someone else’s code and figure out how to make it work. I’ll build it on top of Gardner’s Vertigo theme, which I used at one time (and which has very clean code that’s easy to modify), to hit the proper WordPress hooks and function calls.

Specifically, I’m looking at CoolBlue. And while there is a WordPress port of the stylesheet already, I’d like to get my hands dirty with the code.

I have no timetable for this, but not before Memorial Day, probably not even until early- to mid-June.

For Memorial Day Weekend, it may be time for a Hot Wax Weekend, rolling back the clock, and bringing back the retro look…

A different look, and once that’s set I’ll start fiddling with the CSS code. Like the pink links. Those are going away.

That’s the plan, anyway.

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