On Thinking About a Ringo Starr Concert

Ringo Starr is going out on tour again.

No surprise there. Ringo tours every other summer or so, and this summer he has a new album to promote, Ringo 2012.

Well, Ringo’s 2012 tour brings him to Baltimore on my birthday.

I’ve seen Paul McCartney in concert, back in 2002. George Harrison last toured in North America when I was one-year-old, so I clearly didn’t see Harrison in concert. John Lennon did a few one-off concerts, but they were all before I was two, so, again, I didn’t see Lennon in concert.

I’ve not seen Ringo in concert.

So… I’m tempted.

Am I expecting brilliance? Hardly. Am I expecting something as awesome as three hours of Paul McCartney? Not even close.

But it would be cool, and Ringo’s amiable, and I’ve liked Ringo’s recent albums more than I’ve liked Paul’s recent albums (though I love Paul’s new Kisses on the Bottom and I’ve not heard Ringo 2012 yet), so I ponder it.

It will really depend on ticket prices, I think.

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