On Thinking Ahead to Weekend Plans

Here it is, only Monday, and already I’m thinking about the weekend ahead.

One thing on the calendar? The Baltimore Comic-Con!

I’m not sure why I’m excited by this. I just go to look, shake a few people’s hands, gaze upon people whose work I’ve followed for years and… welll… that’s about it.

I’m not sure if I’ll go on Saturday or Sunday. I could go both days, honestly. I won’t, but I could.

There’s something else going on this weekend, though!

Glenn Beck is having a Tea Party rally in DC on Saturday!

And I’ve wanted to go to a Tea Party rally!

Will I go to this? Stand on the National Mall, with tens of thousands of people who hate the government and cheer like the great anti-establishment rabble that they are?

I don’t know. It’s tempting. But I don’t know. They’d probably flay me alive if they knew that 1) I’m an atheist and 2) I voted for Barack Obama. That I self-identify as a Republican wouldn’t matter to them; my kind of Republicanism went out of style somewhere around 1912, and today’s Republicans aren’t going to claim the mantle of Theodore Rex.

But I’m thinking about it!

Plans, plans, plans.

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