On This, That, and the Other

I’ve been wrestling with a Middle English text. Specifically, the Middle English translation of Prose Merlin from the French Lancelot-Grail Cycle.


Because while I’ve been working my way through the Lancelot-Grail Reader, I found something summarized in the excerpts of the Merlin there that I needed more details about. Fortunately, the Middle English Prose Merlin is online, and I found the necessary chapter, though it wasn’t obvious at first.

Sadly, it wasn’t as… revelatory as I had hoped. Nor particularly useful, come to think of it. :-/

Hell Week is done and buried. Monday, clean-up of files. Tuesday, put together the 2010 calendar. Wednesday, start writing November.

I have a list of holidays I’m adding to the 2010 calendar. Tolkien Reading Day. Bloomsday. Tartan Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day is already on my spreadsheet. I’m open to suggestions for other spurious and/or geeky holidays.

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