On This Week’s Radio Free Skaro

With the third season of Doctor Who finished, Warren and Steven turned their attentions this week to a very different subject for their forty-second episode of Radio Free Skarothe works of Douglas Adams.

The episode covers Hitchhikers–radio play, books, television series, film, computer game–and its sequels, with mentions of Blackadder (as Tom Baker and Simon Jones were in the episode “Potato”), the Dirk Gently books, “City of Death,” Starship Titanic and Terry Jones, Richard Dawkins, and a whole lot more besides. The episode does ramble a bit–there’s no obvious throughline in the discussion–but the two hosts sound like they’re having fun this week.

Also, I get name-checked near the end of the episode. Seriously!

All in all, another good episode from the two Canadian Who fans.

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