On Today’s Birthdays

Today we celebrate three important birthdays.

Robert Heinlein was born one hundred years ago today. I’m not a fan–I find Heinlein’s work to be racist and misogynistic, nor has it aged particularly well–but his influence over science fiction cannot be denied. I think, in his honor, I’ll read Larry Niven’s short story, “The Return of William Proxmire.” 🙂

Ringo Starr was born sixty-seven years ago today. I don’t really have a lot to say, except that Ringo’s a fantastic drummer, a great person, and a pretty cool musician. No joke–I’ve enjoyed Ringo’s albums these past ten years more than I’ve enjoyed Paul McCartney’s.

And, closer to home, my brother turns thirtysomething today.

Drink a toast in honor of the birthday personages today. Read some Heinlein. Listen to some Ringo. Above all, have fun! 🙂

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