On Today’s Exciting Find

Found today.

Kinfauns. A CD of demoes the Beatles recorded prior to the White Album sessions. Some of these tracks appeared on Beatles Anthology 3, but there’s twenty-odd others that didn’t.

I haven’t seen this CD in a year. A year!

Ah, listening to “Child of Nature” now. There’s a flamenco style to John’s guitar playing in the demo. It’s… strange to hear.

On the road to Rishikesh
I was dreaming more or less
And the dream I had was true
Yes, the dream I had was true
I’m just a child of nature
I don’t need much to set me free
I’m just a child of nature
I’m one of nature’s children

Lyrically, it’s not the best. John rewrote it the lyric and called it “Jealous Guy.” I’ve always loved the tune, though. 🙂

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