On Towel Day

If you want to be a hoopy frood today, know where you towel is.

Yes, it’s Towel Day, a day chosen by Douglas Adams’ fans to celebrate the life and worlds of the man.

A few years ago at work, I had to put together the annual calendar we produce for retailers. My instructions were to put things on the calendar of fannish interest, since the calendar was going to comics retailers.

Towel Day made the cut.

And then, many months later, I was asked by a Vice President, in all seriousness, if I were a Muslim. Umm… no.

Then I was asked if I were mocking Muslims. Umm… no.

My quest for fannish holidays went too far. Towel Day, it was decided, was too obscure. It never went back on the calendar.

Alas. People need to know when to carry their towels. Admittedly, they should be carrying them anyway — towels are infinitely useful, after all — but some people need the social cover that a special day just for towels provides.

You can tell. The coffee hasn’t kicked in.

Have a frasmotic Towel Day, people! :h2g2:

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