On Trying New Things

I’m a stout drinker, and rather than pick up my usual six pack of Guinness bottles I decided to try something different–the Beamish Irish Stout. It’s nice, slightly more bitter than the Guinness Draught, and it carries more of a kick.

Also, I disassembled the cans to see what the nitrogen widgets look like. Not at all what I was expecting–maybe I should have left the matter to my imagination.

On a completely different note, why must the kittens pull the books off my shelves? Why?

And now there’s a new Hellboy novel, Brian Hodge’s On Earth as It Is in Hell. I hope it has giant gorillas with huge freakin’ metal bolts sticking out of their necks. That would be sweet!

New things, new things. 🙂

One thought on “On Trying New Things

  1. Beamish? When my sister went to Ireland for vacation, that was her drink of choice. I’ve had it here in cans but generally prefer stout on tap at the pub, which usually means Guinness around here (or, sometimes, St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout). Though it’s too rich to be my default beverage at the pub.

    As for cats… Spencer has noticed that when I wake up in the morning to give him food and open a window for him to look and sniff out (strictly an indoor cat), the first thing I do is get my glasses off the little table beside the bed. So if I don’t respond when he jumps up on the bed (or just walks over, if he was already there) he’s taken to swatting at my glasses. He knows they’ve got something to do with me getting up…

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