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Several months ago I discovered The Beatles Complete on Ukulele, a weekly podcast of ukulele Beatles covers. I added the feed to iTunes, and within an hour I had all the songs that had been released to date. Since then, I’ve stayed on top of downloading the podcast, though I’ve recently had to fix a number of ID3 tags.

To be honest, staying on top of listening to the podcast has proven a greater challenge.

Oh, there’s a track or two that I’ve enjoyed, especially the cover of “Let It Be” with President Obama.

But, by and large…?

Well, I don’t normally listen to Beatles tracks one at a time. I’m so used to listening to the Beatles and their music in large, album-sized chunks that one track of roughly three minutes once a week just doesn’t make an impact.

So, this evening I started arranging the Beatles ukulele covers into WinAmp playlists to assemble them into the canonical album sequencing. Then, as new tracks are released, I’ll add the tracks to the appropriate playlist(s).

With the Beatles Complete on Ukulele project only about 60% complete, naturally none of these playlists are complete, but some are more complete than others.

Right now I’m listening to the Abbey Road playlist. I really like the Holly Palmer’s “Here Comes the Sun.” And even though the BCOU version of “Something” hasn’t been released yet (it’s scheduled for next-to-last), I’m tempted to sneak The Leisure Society’s cover of the song, which does feature the uke, into the playlist. 😉

Enough about that, however.

If you like the Beatles and you’re wanting something new from their music, The Beatles Complete on Ukulele is a pretty neat — and totally free — way of getting your Fabs fix. 🙂

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