On Upcoming Farpoint Fun


It’s a science fiction convention held every February in Hunt Valley, Maryland, at the Hunt Valley Marriott. Which, of no interest to anyone but myself, happens to be about five miles from where I work. 🙂

I’m not entirely certain what my schedule for Farpoint looks like. But based on the schedule they’ve released, these look like likely suspects:


Barring a schedule surprise, it doesn’t look like I’m doing anything on Friday. Which means…

More time in the bar. 😉


1pm Salon F: “The Quality of Leadership” — a panel about the upcoming Doctor Who anthology of which I’m a part.
3pm Salon B: “Doctor Who‘s Titanic New Season” — I volunteered for anything Who related. If I’m not actually on the panel, I’ll hang out there.

And probably autographing. I saw something about that somewhere. Only I forget where.

Again, it’s possible I could be doing something else. It’ll be a surprise for me!


11am Salon A: “Moonlight: A New Vampire in Town” — I volunteered for this one, too. Moonlight, the vampire series on CBS. No idea what I’d say on this panel. Maybe, “It stars Sophia Myles, and a bunch of other people. Who cares about them? Let’s talk about Sophia Myles.”
4pm Salon B: “Torchwood Vs. Sarah Jane Adventures” — If I’m not on this panel, I’m going to crash. 😆

So that’s a rundown of what I’m looking forward to this weekend.

Besides the bar, of course. And the brunch buffet. I love their Belgian waffles. And the omelettes. Oh yes. Oh yes, oh, yes.

So, after work tomorrow, I’ll head up the Interstate, pick up my registration materials, and hit the bar.

Farpoint! :cheers:

One thought on “On Upcoming Farpoint Fun

  1. See you there. Evidently I have no panels to chair this year, so I might sneak in a few if time permits. Check out the Luna-C show if you have time.

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