On Using Monster

Lately I've been going through Monster.com and taking a look at job openings in the Baltimore metropolitan area. I've also been going through the Baltimore Sun website doing same. And I've made a shocking discovery.

I can't remember what I've applied for. It should be obvious–sometimes the link is a different color because it's a link I've clicked before. But sometimes it's not obvious–I use Opera, and Opera sometimes forgets you've clicked on a link previously. But even if the link were discolored, that's no guarantee that it's something I didn't just look at. So, then I have to think. Does this sound familiar? Did I send an e-mail, or did I apply through Monster?

And then there are the jobs that want you to send a resume by snail mail or fax.


I count next weekend as a blessing–I'll be able to purchase a Baltimore Sun and have the job listings in my hand.

Still, five new jobs applied for tonight, and tomorrow I'm going to fax a cover letter and resume to a firm down on the Inner Harbor. I would so love that, to work downtown, on the Inner Harbor. Mustn't get my hopes up, though, lest they be dashed against the shoals of disappointment.

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