On VG Cats

I interviewed a very charming young woman at work about a month ago.

An aside. A month ago, has it been that long? The calendar says so, so it must be true.

So, a month ago, and in the segment of the interview where I open the interview to any questions the applicant may have, she asked what sorts of web comics I read.

The truth is, not many. Penny Arcade, certainly. I used to read Waiting for Frodo, which I absolutely adored except for in its metaphysical moods. And a few others.

She suggested I read VG Cats. It’s like Penny Arcade, she said, but with cats.

I’m a cat person. I have several. I do have to watch their milk intake lest they become bloated and gassy, but that’s a topic for another time. Or not. 😉

Suffice to say, I’ve started reading VG Cats. And I’m finding it both funny and enjoyable.

This week’s comic skewers the Nintendo Revolution controller, as well as any video game gnerd should.

From a marketing standpoint I have to wonder if Nintendo wants any third-party support for their new console, while from a practical standpoint I wonder if it’s going to be anywhere near as useful as Nintendo has touted.

Go! Read! Enjoy!

Cats can play video games, too. 😀

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