On Watching British Television

So, while viewers on the other side of the pond are watching The Next Doctor (that being the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special for those of you who don’t keep up with all things Whovian), I have Blackadder to watch.

I need to watch Blackadder’s Christmas Carol, obviously, but then I think I’ll watch some Blackadder the Third for good measure. Is “Duel and Duality” the funniest half-hour of television ever made? I can’t think of anything funnier. 🙂

Hope everyone’s had a great Christmas.

And if you’re reading this instead of doing Christmassy, holiday-like things, do yourself a favor. Call a friend, or a loved one, or even just someone you know, even if it’s just to say hello. 🙂

Happy Crimbo, all.

One thought on “On Watching British Television

  1. Hey, Allyn! I have Blackadder Rides Again from X-Mas if you want me to upload it or send it to you. I found it and thought of you.

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