On Watching Football

I don’t like football.

No, really. I don’t like football.

Which made selling Madden and NCAA Football at EB Games a bit difficult; I didn’t give a toss for the sport, and couldn’t find any appeal in playing the video games either. But I could go deep on discussing baseball games. 🙂

I’m getting off-topic.

I watched the Patriots game last night. And I watched the Colts game today.

Oh, I wasn’t glued to the screen either time. I was working on some writing during the former. I was folding laundry during the latter.

I kinda liked seeing the Colts lose. That fourth quarter was pretty thrilling.

Pitchers and catchers report in like a month, right?

One thought on “On Watching Football

  1. Pitchers and catchers report in like a month, right?

    I about spit my coffee onto the monitor when I read this. If I may use chat room parlance for a moment, LOL.

    As for watching football, I don’t normally do so because NFL games have become incredibly boring to me with its four hours of commercials surrounding maybe an hour and a half worth of game play. College football used to be my fall sport of choice but it is quickly falling into the same level of commercialization as professional football.

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