On Weird Concepts

So an idea came to me.

An alternate history novel. An alternate history novel about the Beatles.

There have been a few Beatles alternate histories. Larry Kirwan’s Liverpool Fantasy comes quickly to mind, as does Stephen Baxter’s “The Twelfth Album” and Ian McLeod’s “Snodgrass.”

The concept is doable. It’s something that conceivably could have happened. Not “Beatles guest-starring in Doctor Who” could have happened (which almost did happen–John was a fan during the Hartnell years), but it was certainly something the band considered.

But damn! It means getting inside John Lennon’s head when he was at his trippiest. Fuck! Trippy John! Fuck!

Well, I’m filing it away. It’s not a priority right now. In a couple of weeks, then I can give it the mental space it deserves.

It’d be cool. 🙂

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