On Weird Dreams

I dreamt last night that I was watching Remington Steele. (I have all five seasons on DVD, so it wasn’t like I dreamt of something I couldn’t otherwise do.)

Except, this wasn’t an ordinary dream of me, putting an ordinary disc into the DVD player, watching an ordinary episode.


I was trying to interest a friend of mine in watching it.

It was a lost, never-before-seen episode.

It involved ninjas killing migrant Mexican workers.

How this involved the Remington Steele Agency I’m not exactly clear on.

I know that Remington Steele had to call in a haberdasher to his office, for a personal consult. He didn’t care for any of his neckties.

It was all a bit strange. It had Murphy Michaels in it, but Mildred Krebs was also there.

How weird!

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