On Weird Dreams

My head’s been in a weird place since the trip to New York over the weekend. I don’t know if the Doctor Who screening tired it out or overstimulated it, or maybe it was the plague, but it’s gone all goofy.

No, not the right word. My head’s gone trippy.

I close my eyes to sleep, and I see faces. Then the faces start to morph into other faces. Jaws distend, eyes melt, growths emerge from the ears. It’s weird. Then the world goes pixelated and it spins. And the dreams that follow are disturbing.

As an example, last night I dreamed that the Beetle slid off the edge of the road and I was killed. Two nights ago I had a dream that my father died. As best I can remember, I’ve had a total of one pleasant dream since the weekend. Which is also weird, because I normally don’t remember my dreams at all. The first two, sure; they both frightened me awake.

This isn’t unusual. I do go through periods like this, and it sorts itself out after a few days. Today, I hope, counts as “a few days” and I’ll be rid of the disturbing dreams and left with the pleasant dreams.

Fingers crossed. 🙂

Now, for more coffee, and the next part of “Pond Life”…

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