On Which Star Trek Is Best

Because I’ve seen this elsewhere, and because I’m such a follower… Which Star Trek series is best for me?

You scored as Original, The original Star Trek would be best for you



Deep Space Nine


The Next Generation








Which Star Trek Series is best for you?
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All things considered, this isn’t too bad.

I’d actually swap NextGen and Voyager — Picard and his lackeys are, well, bland, and as a pure visceral experience I enjoyed Voyager though it did require some brain-shutting-off to do. And I’d rate the films higher than Deep Space Nine, honestly. But hey, I had that clumping in the middle, so things were pretty well balanced.

Kirk rulz! :tardis:

2 thoughts on “On Which Star Trek Is Best

  1. I love all the Treks but have to say that DS9 is my favorite. Then it’s a toss-up between Enterprise and Voyager. I love Picard and Next Generation crew, and by far First Contact is the best Trek movie, but for me the last three Trek series were the most entertaining. I honestly don’t know how Trekkies can prefer the original series over the rest? Enterprise was awesome, it is a shame that more of the Trek community did not support it. Enjoy the re-runs or the DVD’s, because we have seen the last Trek series, and if the new movie doesn’t do great at the box office, this will be the last Trek movie as well.

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