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We’re past Thanksgiving and people are asking, “Allyn, what do you want for Christmas?”

Last year my answer was, “the things I want–world peace, an end to hunger, President’s Bush impeachment, Vice President Cheney’s indictment for war crimes–no one can give me. These are unrealistic wishes.” These are still unrealistic wishes.

The reality is, I’m just not someone who asks for much, if anything, come Christmas time. Because I’ve been asked, though, I’ve put together a Wishlist at Amazon. It’s not a great list. But it’s a list.

My Amazon.com Wish List

What I really want, though? What Amazon can’t provide? I want to see some snow…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On Wishlists

  1. Hope I gave you some ideas, dude. 🙂

    I saw The Beatles & Philosophy in Barnes & Noble a few days ago. It looks quite interesting, in a pop philosophy sort of way. (Of course, in that series you don’t expect anything other than pop philosophy. ;)) The other Beatles book this Christmas that looks intereresting is The Unreleased Beatles which looks at, obviously, the unreleased archives. There are two books that already do that–Mark Lewison’s The Complete Beatles Chronicle and Mark Hertsgaard’s A Day in the Life–but those two books look at the entirety of the Beatles canon, while this book with its narrower focus has the room to provide a more thorough examination of what remains in the archives.

    The God Delusion looks to be fascinating, based on the little of it I’ve read in bookstores, certainly more than the little of Letter to a Christian Nation I read.

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