On Work Fun

Sometimes, I have just too much fun.

At work I’m following a workflow document to see if it actually, y’know, works and proofing it along the way. To work through the steps in the document I’ve had to create Medicare plan members I can play around with, enroll in plans, sign up with doctors, call up with complaints (or compliments), even get incarcerated.

I’ve named these members after characters out of sword-and-sorcery fiction.

The main guy I’m working with is Grignr the Ecordian. Yes, that barely-literate savage from the tragically-bad short story The Eye of Argon. I couldn’t link him to a dental provider, but do barely-literate savages really need dental providers? He’s now immortalized in the system as an Elder Health plan member.

Grignr’s personal representative, with power of attorney and all that rot? Fritz Leiber’s the Gray Mouser. (Grignr’s middle name, by the way, is “The.”) Haven’t worked in Fafhrd yet, nor Conan the Cimmerian, but there’s still time.

Sometimes, I’ll dissolve into gigglefits when I see, blazed across the top of the screen all in caps, “Grignr the Eccordian.”

I had to document a call received from Grignr, to test the workflow of that part of the manual. What I recorded of our “conversation:”

We’re on page 40 of the workflow manual.

Grignr the Ecordian was feeling particularly chatty. He was a barbarian through and through. He had fought monsters of a like never before seen by human eyes. With his broadsword and his wits he had quested from one side of the land to the other. He had been in bars. He had been in prisons. He had seen it all.

Grignr liked our service. He’d get in a scrape, he’d lose blood, he’d have open wounds. And our medical insurance kept him going. He couldn’t fight for baubles and plunder, he couldn’t drink until his skull split open without Elder Health there to cover his medical needs.

Elder Health makes barbarians go.

As I said, I have too much fun.

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