On Writing Insight

Sometimes ideas just… arrive. I wasn’t looking for the idea, yet suddenly… there it was.

I’m plotting out a novel right now. A sweeping historical and political epic that crosses nations, spans decades, and has a cast of dozens. Big shit, basically.

I’ve had a little problem, though, in thinking through the book.

Nothing was really tying it together.

I know where the book ends — history is like that, the endpoint is there for the taking — and I know where it begins — again, history gives me a good starting point — but the roads in my head were all running parallel.

But now?

I have an idea! An idea that makes me… gooey. It’s the only word for it — “gooey.”

Well, I could’ve used “giddy,” but “gooey” sounds so much… better.

Because the idea, it’s perfect. 🙂

It’s where the story has to start. And it’s the thread — the mystery — that ties all the roads together.


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