On Writing My Senators

Not that it would achieve anything, but I wrote two letters today, one to each of North Carolina’s Senators, asking them to vote against ending unlimited debate and filibuster on judicial nominees, something Republican Trent Lott dubbed “the nuclear option.” Liddy Dole and Richard Burr are, I know, firm votes in favor of scrapping two hundred years of Senate tradition–Burr spoke on the Senate floor in favor of the proposal–but maybe, just maybe, a letter might make some small difference.

The next five days will be… interesting.

The thought the keeps flitting through my mind is Theoden’s quiet muse in The Two Towers–“How did it come to this?” Historians decades hence may write whole books on how this Senate settled on irrelevency and indecision for questionable gains.

I’ve done my bit. I’ve written my Senators. It will do no good, but I need some optimism in my life.

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