On Writing That’s Fun

Sometimes I feel like I spin my wheels when I write promotional articles for work. I research, I write, and I feel like the writing is… junk.

Only, then it gets approved by all parties needing to approve it, and only rarely do I have any significant changes to make. It’s at that point, when the approvals come back, that I can look at the article and say, “Y’know, this isn’t bad.” I need the distance; my initial reaction is too harsh. Always.

Today was a different case. For a variety of reasons, some assignments I needed done yesterday didn’t come through until this morning. So I had to write, write quickly, and not second-guess myself. Any feelings of junk would have to be set aside; I didn’t have the time for them.

One product I had to write about…

Well, I had fun with it.

It’s about a product from an alternate history. So I wrote about it, as though I were writing from within that alternate history, as if I were in that world, writing about the product.

It came out pretty neat.

Oh, I don’t know if anyone will get it. No one’s objected to it, certainly. It got approved. If anyone notices, I think the reaction will be, “Umm, there’s something… different about this. I can’t quite place my finger on it.”

I had fun with it. That’s really all that matters. To write something fun.

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