When the first Harry Potter movie came out, my coworkers and I were talking one day about how Electronics Arts should make a video game devoted solely to Quidditch. EA produces some of the best sports simulations in the video game industry, and their name is synonymous with quality. When people think video game football, they think Madden. When people think golf, they think Tiger Woods PGA Tour. When people think basketball, they think NBA Live.

TeamXBox reported that a Quidditch sports game will happen, this fall.

I wonder what sort of play-by-play and color commentary the game will have. Something like the John Motson/Andy Grey pairing from FIFA Soccer would be perfect, but what does Motson really know about Quidditch?

One thought on “Quidditch!

  1. wow very interesting idea, i was also impressed by that game when it was in the movie, hope they can make a good game too.

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