Retail Moneyball

Moneyball takes a look at how unconventional baseball statistics can make even the poorest of teams into winners.

In a way the sales summary spreadsheets I’ve been playing with could be looked upon as a kind of “retail Moneyball.” Retailers will tell you about the importance of add-on sales, of high average sales, of high transactions per hour. What I’m looking at are somewhat unconventional. Minutes per such-and-such. Trade dollars versus sales dollars. Even more esoteric stuff.

I thought this was a personal project for my own use. My supervisor likes the work I’ve done, thinks it would be a good idea if others used the same techniques as a way of understanding their stores better.

I really should write up some documentation on the spreadsheet array. It makes sense to me, but then I’m the one who put it together.

Will this project ever end?

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