Old Friends, New Identities

“You know everyone.  Churchill.  Liz Ten.”  Amy smirked.  “So who is he?  Your friend, Captain Cornelius.” The Doctor sighed.  “An old friend.  Very old.  Fifty thousand years old.” Amy’s eyes widened.  “You’re joking.” “He’s one of the true immortals.  In different eras, he goes by different names.  In your time, Captain Jack Harkness of the … Continue reading Old Friends, New Identities

The Dalek Invasion of Endor

“You can’t do this, Davros!” the Doctor screamed from captivity. Davros rolled to the Doctor’s cell.  “You are too late. My Spider-Daleks are moving through the jungles. By sunrise, no Ewok will remain alive.” “Ewoks,” the Doctor whispered, stunned. The Black Dalek outside the Doctor’s cell shook its eyestalk. “ALL EWOKS WILL BE EXTERMINATED.” The … Continue reading The Dalek Invasion of Endor


From:� Satie, Norah, Rear Admiral To:� Picard, Jean-Luc, Captain In light of recent actions undertaken by yourself and the Time Lord known as the Doctor on stardate 37141.5 in halting and destroying the Krynoid foliage overrunning the Berengaria VII colony, you are hereby authorized for detached assignment aboard the Doctor’s craft known as the TARDIS, … Continue reading Orders

Between Planets

“Collision alert!” the Doctor shouted above the din of alarms. The TARDIS lurched.  Nyssa clutched the console, attempting to steady herself. The Doctor, somehow, stood fixed, his hands flying across the controls the bring the ship safely from the vortex. “Collision?  With what?  Where are we, Doctor?” “Earth’s solar system, somewhere between Earth and Mars.  … Continue reading Between Planets

Bleacher Creatures

“I can’t believe you wore that,” Peri said. “How was I to know?” the Doctor said indignantly, raising his voice to shout above those jeering at him. Peri frowned.  “You could have asked.” “Did you not say, ‘Let’s go to a baseball game.’  Is this not the proper attire?”  He gestured at the cap and … Continue reading Bleacher Creatures

Crisis In Infinite Camelots

“Who are you all?” the boy with scruffy hair wanted to know. “Why, isn’t it obvious?” said the animated man with the long white beard and the pointed hat. “Not to me,” said the man with the metallic skullcap and the trim beard in his high-pitched voice. The unkempt, unwashed man dyed in woad paint … Continue reading Crisis In Infinite Camelots