Still More on Rich Santorum’s Second Act

Sometimes, I have ideas that are just scary.

Like SAURON-PAC. Which, after a perusal of the FEC website, I’ve decided needs to be named Draft SAURON-PAC.

But what does that acronym stand for?

Draft Santorum — America United, Redefining Oliphaunt Nationalism Political Action Committee

Draft SAURON-PAC, according to the notes I scribbled on the train this morning is Post-partison and non-ideological. Our positions are neither liberal nor conservative, neither progressive nor libertarian. Our guiding principle is to promote the cause of Rick Santorum, Lord of the Rings fan, as he draws parallels between Professor Tolkien’s modern medieval romance and the troubled times in which we live.

I’ve also set up a website — Draft SAURON PAC, though there’s nothing there as yet.

But there will be.

And once there is, I’m filing paperwork with the FEC.

Because that’s the kind of lunatic I am. 🙂

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