Strange Stunt Casting

Suppose a future episode of Enterprise featured Frank Finlay as a dog breeder, the one who sold Captain Archer his beagle Porthos? Or is this just too strange a thought to contemplate?

2 thoughts on “Strange Stunt Casting

  1. Well, I was going to suggest Frank Inn, but since he died last year, that’s not exactly workable. Maybe Joe Camp instead?

    Although I do like the Frank Finlay idea. Has a certain twisted appeal. On that same train of thought, and this definitely is one I’d make an appointment to watch, Brian Blessed??? 🙂

  2. Oh, I can imagine that now. 🙂

    RICHARD: Osmont!

    ARCHER: (sheepish) It’s Archer, sir. Jonathan Archer.

    RICHARD: (puffed up) Isn’t that what I said, Egbert? And where’s Harry? Harry!

    TRIP: Wrong show, sir.

    RICHARD: Wrong show? Harrumph.

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